Take the Green Train


Organisation of a seminar and a workshop on artists’ mobility and sustainability, illustrated by a project with musicians touring in different countries, choosing the most ecological means of transport, the most efficient route, stopping for concerts, lectures and workshops on sustainability best practices. Held by experts (from Julie's Bicycle-UK) who make sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of creative industries, they create a platform to support cultural/creative professionals to measure, manage and reduce the environmental impacts: use Industry Green Tools carbon calculators; build green riders; do Industry Green for office/festival/venue; be energy, food and water efficient; choose environmental and ethical merchandise; use sustainably produced materials and technologies; communicate their work and results; join Green Music Networks and campaigns; share their experience; encourage audience to travel green; ask for environmental information from suppliers.

Video of Energy Revolution campaing presented during Sage Gateshead International Seminar on Take the Green Train: https://youtu.be/9OPkJCd1L7E