Agencies in Netherlands

Non Member agencies in Netherlands

Jazz And World Music Agency (Jwa)

For nearly 20 years Jazz and Worldmusic Agency (JWA) has been active for many Dutch Jazz ensembles such as Tango Extremo, Nueva Manteca, Ben van den Dungen and Motion Unlimited. JWA works in the field of Jazz, Latin Jazz, World and many crosssovers. Check our website for more information about the groups.

Music Dept.

Music Dept. is national and international recognized as "the music minded agency”, working for the benefits of all people / partners involved. Taking care of bookings, promotion, handling copyrights and all other wishes artists might have. Proudly handling total management for the Dutch top Jazz vocalist Denise... read more

Paperclip Agency

Agency in Nijmegen

Inter Music Holland

  Inter Music Holland is an agency which has focused on the highest level of entertainment from the very first beginning. Managing Director Hans Beers started ten years ago (1992) as management and booking office working with only a couple of Dutch jazz musicians.    Today we represent a top selection of... read more

Interpresario B.V.

Agency in Gravenhage

Amsterdam Jazz Agency B.v.

Greetings from Amsterdam and thanks for visiting our site. Do take your time to check it out! Amsterdam Jazz Agency represents some of the finest jazzmusicians in the Netherlands and abroad, as you will see in the Proposals and Artists sections of the site. We provide artist management, bookings and production... read more

Expatriate Productions

  An experienced film and television executive with extensive all-round production  experience in Europe and America.   A team player with organizational skills, and  public relations experience, specializing in script and development work in film and  television. 

Paul Van Kemenade Quintet Foundation

Welcome! A brandnew website of Dutch altosaxophonist-composer-organiser Paul van Kemenade. On this site you can read all about the different ensembles, groups and projects Van Kemenade is working with.  Watch, up to date pictures as well as pictures from long time ago. Listen to a variety of music tracks; watch films... read more

Bv Haast

Willem Breuker Kollektief The Willem Breuker Kollektief was formed in 1974, and, now that its founder has passed away 36 years later, will remain active during the years 2011 and 2012, paying homage to Willem Breuker the composer. Six of the active members of the orchestra are part of the Kollektief since the seventies. The... read more

Wim Wigt Productions

Already since 1972, Wigt Productions has been organising tours and events in various musicstyles, dance and other entertainment. It all began with the jazz, when founder and pioneer Wim Wigt brought the biggest names from the American jazzscene for extensive tours and events to Europe, but also to Japan, Korea, Africa and... read more