Copenhagen JazzHouse

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10
Denmark's primary venue for contemporary jazz has opened it's doors again after a major renovation and is ready to present the brand new concert hall and the full program for June and July.
Jazzhouse is back!
Finally: Jazzhouse (formerly Copenhagen Jazzhouse) has reopened. Last summer Jazzhouse was flooded due to a heavy thunder storm and since August 2011 it has been closed for renovation. On June 1st 2012 the venue once again kicked open the doors to carry on with the mission of bringing exquisite jazz to Copenhagen and it's visitors. The waiting time has been used to create a brand new concert hall and a new bar, just to name a few things. All in all a renewed and strengthened Jazzhouse with better facilities for the audience and for the music.
Jazz as a vibrant and vital expression is the main focus for Jazzhouse. While keeping a strong link to the history of jazz, Jazzhouse constantly seeks to develop the genre as a contemporary musical language by challenging the borderlines between jazz and other styles such as electronica, world music etc. Often you will find unique music meetings and constellations, and the regular jazz'n'poetry-performances attract music lovers as well as literature aficionados.