Hot Club de Gand



Hot Club de Gand

In 1932 two French students and jazz enthusiasts founded the jazz club Hot Club de France in Paris.
It was the first organization worldwide whose primary purpose was the promotion and safeguarding of jazz.

Their efforts concentrated mainly on inviting American jazz musicians to France. But the Hot Club de France soon widened its array of activities and took on gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt’s quintet (including Stéphane Grappelli) as its resident band. 
Rony Verbiest & Waso De Cauter by L. Baculalay

Ben Sluijs & Manolo Cabras by W. De Cauter

In May 2005 a few enthusiasts founded the
Hot Club de Gand.

Its aim is to promote acoustic live music, particularly club concerts. Contrary to most hot clubs, Hot Club de Gand does not focus on Django Reinhardt’s legacy only.

The Hot Club de Gand does not want to confine itself to one genre, but prefers to engage in a wide range of musical traditions. Thus our club’s programme features various aspects of the jazz scene.
In addition, there is room for flamenco, folk, classical music, blues, chanson, musette, ethnic music and gypsy music.