Jazz Club U Stare Pani

Michalská 441/9
110 00
Praha-Staré Město
Czech Republic
Jazz club
Jazz Club The Old Lady - center of good entertainment 350 meters from Old Town Square. Jazz Club The Old Lady is a traditional place in the historical center of Prague. Events are held here for a wide range of audiences. We organize concerts of blues, funk & groove, pop, soul and rock artists.

aims to keep visitors entertained at the club good quality music. We have no ambition to educate students, but we want everyone to have found his music, listen to an arrangement whereby he would be fine. The podium is open for blues, funk'n'groovy, latin, jazz and rock musicians.

The experience 
of the musical performance is enhanced by the modern industrial concept of the space, excellent sound and lighting equipment, as well as by the fact that the Jazz Club has a grand piano. The combination of these elements creates pleasant and distinctive atmosphere, which is crucial for maximum music enjoyment. Jazz Club U Stare pani is delighted to welcome domestic and foreign audiences across all age categories. The only common denominator is the joy of great music and pleasant environment.

Company events
presentations, press conferences, birthday and other parties we organize are to meet your specific needs. We rent part or the entire club, provide catering, technical equipment, music production and additional program tailored to you specific requirements. Each customer is treated with personal care and we always try to grant the best possible solution for the maximum satisfaction of our clients. If interested, please contact Jaromír Eichler at +420 605 285 211 or at info@jazzstarapani.cz