Jazzclub Bamberg

18 Obere Sandstrasse

The Jazzclub's Profile and History   

Concerts are organized from September to May, usually on Fridays or Saturdays. A JC-session takes place on the first Wednesday of each month. In June and July the JC invites its guests to various open-air-events, where cabaret shows and stage plays complete the programme.               

Currently, the JC counts 370 members.
The JC offers a wide range of musical entertainment. Presented are performances of famous international as well as national, especially local Jazzstars such as: 

Barbara Dennerlein, Dusko Goykowich, Ack van Rooyen,
Albert Mangelsdorff , Klaus Doldinger, Hendrik Meurkens,
Aladar Pege, Attila Zoller, Deborah Henson, Gunter Hampel,
Ali Haurand, Klaus Ignatzek, Heinz Sauer, Lulu Weiß,
Katie Webster, Willi Little Littlefield, Joe Kienemann, Yuko Gulda,
Bill Ramsey, Joe Haider, Klaus Kreuzeder, Joe Viera, Herb Geller,
Lee Konitz, Simon Nabatov, Abraham Burton, Earny Watts,
Masha Bijlsma, Ricky Ford, Carla Cook, Charly Antolini, Benny Bailey,
Frank Lacy, John Hicks, Lili White, Jimmy Cobb, Philipp Catherine ...