Merlin Club

Gerlóczy utca,




Merlin was founded in 1991, in the heart of Budapest, near Deák square, in

the elegant, art deco style former transformer building next to the City



The institution has been the first English language theatre in Hungary,

and in the past few years it is worth visiting practically from 10 in the

morning: since 2006 September it has been modernised not only on the

surface but in essence as well.


Apart from the theatre plays, exploiting the characteristics and

broadening the scope of the theatre bar, which has a long tradition in

Hungary, where artist and the audience can have a chat and listen to music

in a relaxed atmosphere before and after the theatre plays, the

refurbished and transformed Merlin is awaiting its guests from the morning

- with opportunities to relax, work wireless on laptops, have meetings,

and in addition to theatre performances take part if various cultural

events - all this in the centre of Budapest.


Events: in addition to the usual theatre art, the restaurant is hosting

cultural events, club-type talk-shows, video festivals, film and album

launch parties, while top performers of the local and international music

scene, artful, electronic and underground bands, DJs and events diversify

our programme structure.