Miami Blues


The history of the restaurant Miami Blues begins from unforgettable nineties, when just the word “restaurant” was something more significant and prestige than now. Perhaps now we are loved not less because we really value every guest. Keeping long standing traditions we are not forgetting to go with the times. Therefore our guests are assured that in Miami Blues they are not only satisfied with food but also can spend their precious time magnificently. The atmosphere contributes all which folded together of small things – like all great things in our world. The surprising two-meter fish in the main hall is the first thing our guest pays attention to. It has its own unique history and managed to become the business card of the restaurant. At the very beginning of the way when our restaurant was gaining popularity and the main dishes turned exactly like home, we were aware that our cuisine is called home cooking not just because we are serving meatballs but because home is when its delicious, cozy and warm. Since the opening in 1994 Miami Blues immediately became one of the few day-and-night metropolitan restaurants. Therefore every guest can visit us at any time of the day. Because day-and-night restaurant – is like home, which you can always return to! …Than in nineties everybody was smiling and guest was always right. But today we understand that the guest is not always right. We will never lie to our clients and make fool of them. If there is food we will always cook everything the guest wishes to have. Not every restaurant can afford such type of service. Pretty often, faithful clients that were with us from the very beginning warmly remember: “ How good it is that at least something doesn’t change”. Stability in this case – is not rigidity – we are stable in our development. We share shiny emotions with our guests and the feeling of home, which money can never buy – you can only create them and keep.


So welcome! Miami Blues – the little history of the big city!