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La Ferme du Biéreau

  La maison de toutes les musiques à Louvain-la-Neuve. Découvrez notre saison 8 ! Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique


Flagey Studios Cinema, jazz, classical & world music, festivals, program for kids and literary events in a magnificent former radio broadcasting building! ---- Mission L'asbl Flagey a la volonté de redonner au bâtiment le prestige qui était le sien du temps de la radio- et télé... read more


Jazzzolder In hartje Mechelen (België) vind je een jazzclub, de "Jazzzolder" vzw, vlakbij St Rombouts, en de gloednieuwe Kathedraalparking onder het Sint Romboutskerkhof. Je kan er elke 2de en 4de vrijdag van de maand genieten van boeiende live concerten in een mooie oude kapel. Er is een ruime bar... read more

The Music Village -

The Music Village is a cultural non-profit organisation focused on live jazz music concerts. It is situated 50 rue des Pierres, only a few steps from the Grand-Place of Brussels.   Enjoying a niche location at the very heart of Brussels, only a few meters away from the legendary Grand'Place, the Music... read more


De Werf in Brugge = #JAZZ #PODIUM #WERKPLEK

Ancienne Belgique AB

From guildhall to dance hall The current Ancienne Belgique is located on a historic site in the heart of Brussels. In the 15th century the house of the retailers the Meerslieden, could be found on this spot. At the time the house served as a reinforced bank vault, nursing home for the sick, meeting place and banqueting hall.... read more


Bravo, a place for a goodtime Open every day ! Monday - Friday:  from 9 am till ...  Saturday & Sunday: from 10.30 am till ...  Bravo is set up with impressive design in a fabulous space. Industrial style, cosy couches, lamps made out of gas bottle tops, a completely down-to-earth feel, simple and... read more


MORE THEN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY The saying goes that ‘true value does not need the test of time’. And yet! The love affair between Brussels and the Botanique is not one that was born yesterday… and their complicity was not always all beer and skittles… Read on and be the judge… Good old Victor... read more


>>> MISSION & VISION The BOZAR experience Creativity, quality, and artistic diversity have been at the heart of the Centre’s mission since its foundation. But for art not to be something abstract and distant, for it to be truly part of the “culture” of a society – and particularly in a... read more

C-Mine cultuurcentrum

C-mine cultuurcentrum in Genk, Belgium. Art-centre, theatre, performing Arts C-mine 10 bus 2, 3600 Genk Tel: 089 65 44 90 Fax: 089 65 44 89