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IF jazz Cafè

LIVE JAZZ - GENUINE atmosphere of Budapest - EXCELLENT Hungarian cuisine

Alcatraz Music Pub

Az Alcatraz Club a belvárosi éjszaka új színfoltjaként 1999 decemberében nyitotta meg kapuit. Látványos belsőépítészeti megoldásai különleges hangulatot eredményeztek. A hírhedt amerikai börtönsziget lé... read more

Petofi Mozi Music Pub

Music Club

Trafo House Of Contemporary Arts

Trafo_House_Of_Contemporary_Arts.html 36 1 4562040, mobile phone 36 20 3689467

Budapest Jazz Club

About Us If you are looking for light but still quality entertainment, if you feel you are committed to jazz or you are about to get the first taste of it, come and join us at the center of jazz life, the Budapest Jazz Club! Besides the impressive palace interior and the exceptional sound quality wea lso would like to... read more

A38 Ship

This is the official page of A38 Ship concert venue, cultural center and restaurant.

Merlin Club

  Introduction   Merlin was founded in 1991, in the heart of Budapest, near Deák square, in the elegant, art deco style former transformer building next to the City Hall.   The institution has been the first English language theatre in Hungary, and in the past few years it is... read more