Jazz in Paros Festival

Arts Culture Europe is presenting the third edition of the JAZZ IN PAROS FESTIVAL to be held on the wonderful island of Paros, Cyclades Greece. 
From JULY 19 to JULY 25, 2013 
The organization of the Jazz in Paros Festival is a collaboration between:
Athena Perantinou, director of Paros Jazz Academy & Jazz in Paros Festival.
Marc Buronfosse, musician and artistic director of Paros Jazz Academy & Jazz in Paros Festival.
Arts Culture Europe, a non profit organization for the promotion of music and arts in Europe.
Jazz in Paros Festival is growing into its 3rd year and will be held from July 19-25, 2013 on the beautiful island of Paros in Greece. Its reputation on the island is gaining influence due to its formula of bringing international and Greek performing artists to the Cycladic Islands.
All weeklong there will be concerts featuring jazz-related music performed throughout the island on outdoor stages underneath the stars. A creative performance of jazz and poetry is planned for the Lefkes Amphitheater, featuring the Parian poet Christos Georgousis and the students of the Paros Jazz Academy (PJA is a unique music experience for jazz enthusiasts which is held during the Jazz in Paros Festival: parosjazzacademy.com)