Jazzinty International Music Workshop and Festival

Dilanceva 1, 8000
Novo mesto,



Application is possible via entry form on the website. You will receive confirmation of acceptance on e-mail. Deadline for the submission of the applications is 31st July 2012. The number of participants is limited.

Prices and payment

It's possible to apply only to one category and for full week. It's not possible to apply for less than 5 days or to more than one category. Applicants must fully pay workshop fee and accommodation (if they choose one) before coming to Jazzinty. Payement is possible by bank transfer or postal order as explained on our web site. Prices (tax incl.): Only Master class: 50 €, regular price (for all categories): 250 €, only afternoon lectures: 50 €.

20% discount for all prices (discounts do not sum up!):

Ø  For the members of Novo mesto Students Sociaty

10% discount for all prices (discounts do not sum up!):

Ø  If application and payment is before June, 1th 2011

Ø  in case of three persons applying together (all three must fill the application form and state the other two persons).

5% discount for all prices (discounts do not sum up!):

Ø   for ex-participants, students, pensioners and disabled persons