Red Sea Jazz Festival RSJF

The Red Sea Jazz Festival was launched in October 1987, initiated by the Eilat municipality and supported by the Israel Ministry of Education & Culture, the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Eilat Port, Eilat Hotels Association and several business sponsors. This year, while carrying on its tradition inviting prominent Jazz legends to perform in the Eilat Port it also creates a platform for emerging local artists promoting innovative and rejuvenating approaches. 

Every day at 7pm, as the Red Sea Jazz Festival opens, you are invited to enjoy a free show bringing to stage the best up-and-coming Israeli Jazz bands. The festival's program offers 3 daily shows per venue featuring 20 international and local ensembles, altogether 40 shows over four days.

The featured performances will be held in three main venues: The intimate venue, Piamenta, accommodates an audience of 1,000 in club seating arrangement. The midsize venue, Kaminsky, offers seating for an audience of 2,000 while the large venue, Gottfried offers 3,000 seats.

As is our custom, Master Classes will be held offering everyone interested a more personal encounter with guest musicians, an exciting educational experience and an opportunity to establish a direct connection. 

Artistic Director:
163 Dizengoff St.
63461 Tel Aviv
Phone: 972- 3-5271026
Fax: 972-3-5247628


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Red Sea 25th

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