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Gyula Castle Jazz Festival

The Gyula Castle Theatre operates in the court of the only gothic brick fortress that has survived in Central-Europe. Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different forms of contemporary prosaic theatre, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music, jazz... read more

MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival

  1.The main location of the MEDIAWAVE festival is going to be the Danube tower in the Fort Monostor which is going to live an independent life during the event!   2. The rest of the fort bears the rules of the fort! 3. Special discount: the fort can be visited for 100 Forints, with... read more

non members festivals in Hungary

Get Closer Jazz Fest



Lamantin Jazz

Jazz Festival in Szombathely

Luis Armstrong Jazz Festival

Louis Armstrong Jazzfesztivál Bánkon.  Az évek során a kezdeti, főleg ismerősökből álló szűkebb érdeklődő kör tekintélyes látogatósággá duzzadt, a tavalyi évben mintegy 2.000-3.000 fő tekintette meg a két nap... read more

Debrecen Jazz Days

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