Jazz Across Europe


Festival organizers are asked to create holiday packages offering the audiences/tourists a complete range of activities, besides the festival and the music, giving them the possibility to combine their music passion with the opportunity to visit new places and know new life styles. JAE aims at the exchange of audiences of jazz festivals on a European level and at the same time exchange of experts and expertise among organizers of such festivals, thus enabling cultural and creative players to cooperate internationally and to internationalise their careers and activities. The starting point will be Jazzahead, the international jazz trade show which has already initiated a broader interdisciplinary cultural festival that is happening 1 month prior and after Jazzahead and is specifically connected to a European partner country that changes every year, aiming at broadening itsown audience and strengthening its related networks in Bremen as well as coincidentally in the partner country...

Jazz Across Europe (JAE) is your possibility to combine your love of music with the pleasure of visiting attractive cities and regions all over Europe. This project is an initiative of the Europe Jazz Network.