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Citizen Jazz

Citizen Jazz est le premier magazine de jazz en ligne francophone. Tous les lundis, un nouveau sommaire qui présente l'actualité du jazz et des musiques improvisées en France et en Europe, depuis 2001  

Le Sphinx - Cream Records

  Ever since their creation in 1975 and 1983, the labels JMS and CREAM RECORDS have always tried to support and promote creative artists, a commitment reflected, I hope, by the list of names in this site.  Most of these records are available at major outlets everywhere, but a few of them may be somewhat harder to... read more


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Futur Acoustic Production

Organization in France

Sortir a Courbevoie

Sortir a Courbevoie

Radio Campus

Radio de Paris

Radio France Internationale

Radio France International

Echo Orange

  Indie Pop Label // PUBLISHING MGMT  The Rebels of Tijuana // Daisy Lambert // Erotic Market


Yolk is a french based record label focused on Jazz and Improvised Music. Artists like Alban Darche, Sébastien Boisseau, Geoffroy Tamisier, Nicolas Larmignat, Jean-Louis POmmier, Daniel Casimir, Matthieu Donarier....


French magazine specialised in Jazz and Improvised music, 10 issues annually.