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100 years of Frank Sinatra!
The story of the greatest singer of the 20th century
Very Special Guest: Barbara Mayr (voc)

TERMINE: All year 2015 on request

To mark the forthcoming 100th birthday year, the SINATRA TRIBUTE BAND & MAX NEISSENDORFER have put together a fantastic program which retraces the various stages in Frank Sinatra's life. The unique duets, performed by Max Neissendorfer and charismatic guest singer Barbara Mayr, are imbued with the spirit of Frank Sinatra - who often chose to sing with top female artists such as Liza Minelli, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole.
Anyone who has seen the Sinatra Tribute Band and front man Max Neissendorfer perform live will know that the band is close to their namesake in more than just name. Sinatra's shows were as perfect as they were legendary. Listening to the Sinatra Tribute Band, audiences can expect a similarly high standard – and not only on the occasion of Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday.
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Max Neissendorfer SWING & SCAT PROJECT
Max Neissendorfer (voc, p) – Michel Poffet or Karsten Gnettner (b) – David Elias or Stephan Eppinger (dr)

AVAILABILITY: All year on request

"My goal is to connect the flair of the Sinatra-era, the virtuoso vocal art of Bobby McFerrin and the pop-stagings of performances by Elton John, that a wide audience with a preference for handmade, high value music can experience the "Aha-effect" of live performances, like it was and is at the performances of the aforementioned immortal giants of music buisness."
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AVAILABILITY: All year on request

What happens when two Giants of the German Blues Scene cross paths with a Young Lion playing drums at a jam session and discover they are made for eachother?
They decide to form a joint project to present their amazing Groove - and as they all came together through sheer love of music a trio is born that seeks to express that freshness and spontaneity.
There's no guitar or bass but that's no drawback: the sound is uniquely light and clear.
When tenor sax player and singer TS, the legendary piano player CR and drummer AL make music together, the seasoned Blues lover experiences a totally new and thrilling sound.
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WINTER WONDERLAND – Christmas Show with the

AVAILABILITY: December 2015 and 2016

Much more than the memory of the legendary entertainer Frank Sinatra have Max Neissendorfer and the Swiss Frank Sinatra Tribute Band brought for their audience in the sold-out event from Oberkochen dell 'Arte. In two extensive sets the consistently brilliant musicians provided entertainment at its best and enthusiastic with finely honed arrangements in their "Winter Wonderland" concert.
Max Neissendorfer is the voice to do so. With him and his acrobatic vocal Christmas gets that joyous side that is at least as beautiful as contemplation and silence.
© Schwäbische Post 15.12.2012
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– classic - jazzy - original –

Spectacular Voices, Rhythms & Moves!

AVAILABILITY: 29.09.-09.10.2015, 21.-31.01.2016 and all year on request!

The finest percussionists of three continents encounter each other in the WORLD PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE. The charismatic master of Japanese Taiko drumming Takuya Taniguchi, the Brazilian magician of percussion Marco Lobo and the enchanted singer and percussionist Njamy Sitson from Cameroon perform alongside European piano master and composer Walter Lang and bass virtuoso Sven Faller.

(…) "The WORLD PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE led by Walter Lang was rewarded with standing ovations, screams of excitement from the audience during the entire concert at Kronenzentrum. (…) it was clear from the beginning that the audience witnessed a truly memorable event.2 (…). Bietigheimer Zeitung
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RADIO EUROPA - Together in Music


"Transmitting Handcrafted European Music"
Fasten your seat belts, phones off!

Embark on a musical journey across the entire continent of Europe, from the first bar!

"Europe in two hours" – that requires a musical road map and experience that one can neither study nor teach. Countless trips and encounters, hundreds of improvisations and sessions are underlying the melodies that “got stuck” en route and that are constantly renewing themselves in
interplay. Some of those melodies carry on the soul of a country, others the mystery of togetherness and most of them, naturally, invite to dance!

The award-winning musicians "broadcast" on a wide European frequency with impressive depth and breathtaking virtuosity.
Direct transmission guaranteed!
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TANGOPHIL - La Bicicleta with Manfred Preis

AVAILABILITY: All year on request

„Tangophil“ penetrates the soul of traditional Tango, adding a new impulse. A bandoneon and the bass clarinet, a piano and a violin - together they tell the tales of life, passionate and tender, with deep affection and without compromise.
„Tangophil“: Together with Manfred Preis, the bass clarinettist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the members of the ensemble „La Bicicleta“ Judith Brandenburg, Javier Tucat Moreno and Florian Kellerhals create a new dimension of music, enthralling and bewitching their audience.
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Authentic Caribian Funky Music with influences by jazz and rock, traditional son and modern salsa -
or in short: a new sound of worldmusic –
played by a 12-member international top orchestra.
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Alpine Fusion is created from a transglobal mix of authentic alpine sounds and ethno underground. Infectious rythms are combined with alphorn and Scherrzither, comtemporary jazz groove with yodel, zither and dulcimer.
The harmonic energy and the delight in playing, which are a characterisic feature of Bavarian folk music, are adopted in the alpine jazz. Both attain a new meaning because of the great variety of instruments and musical styles.

“Jazz groove with yodel and zither – alphornblues and roundhouse blows on the dulcimer – regional – global – terrific!
The CD: “…probably the first album to be taken seriously by fans of ethno jazz.” BR
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AVAILABILITY: All year on request

This is an all-star quartet of internationally recognized musicians. The group, consisting of Chico Freeman (tenor and soprano saxophone), Antonio Farao (piano), Heiri Känzig (bass) and Michael Baker (drums), are setting a new standard for eclectic and innovative musical improvisation from a band comprised entirely of composers and virtuoso instrumentalists.
The musical concept embodies at once the timeless classical elements of the past with an innovative eye to the future while taking full advantage of the explosive and immediate gift of the present, painting a picture of our times and all of its variances.
The music is original in its inception, its conception and its perception and honest in the deliverance of its view of the world.
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Reiner Witzel (asax,fl,efx) - Joscha Oetz (b) - Christian Scheuber (dr,perc,samples)


An impressive language of time-less forms that goes beyond ephemeral trends - these are the virtues of Witzel and his current partners in their trio.

The three musicians work creatively in their trio lineup without a harmony instrument which makes the music remain human. When listening to the music you feel that the three musicians of „Drei im roten Kreis” (Three in the Red Circle) have mastered the art of scaling down orchestral film music to a trio setting and at the same time have the music of the film accompany their songs right under the surface.

The trio swings effortlessly - at times the music has the elegance of a dance.
Hamburger Tageblatt

Canarian Islands Jazz Festival – Jazz Festival Odessa – San Jose Jazz Festival – Perel Peak Festival – Jazzrallye Düsseldorf – JazzCologne – Liége Festival – Montevideo Festival – San Diego Jazz Festival and many more.
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Richie Beirach - Regina Litvinova (keyb, vocoder) - Christian Scheuber (drums)

AVAILABILITY: All year on request

Richie Beirach is an extraordinarily versatile musician, which is evident from his incredible career: He has played solo, as part of a trio, in a big band and in concerts with symphonic orchestras, and there are more than 400 CDs on which he can be heard. Whether he plays with Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Mike Brecker, Jack de Johnette, John Abercrombie or especially Dave Liebman and their joint band Quest or whether he is leader or sideman – his distinctive melodic and harmonic style is always there. Moreover, as a composer for Elm, Leaving and many others he is one of the most interesting musicians of the modern age.
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Chico Freeman (sax,cl) – Reto Weber (dr,perc) – Svante Henryson (cello,b)

AVAILABILITY: All year on request

Three exponents of their instruments start where jazz began and continues today.
The three explore the trio in the interplay of what music is about: delicate riffs, subtle rhythms and above all a great affinity for melody.
3 players who can draw on the large pot of experience without being boring ...
This simply means play music.
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(…) The legendary Lee Konitz brings a more vivid touch to the subtle play on his alto saxophone. While Walter Lang brings a more vivid touch to the music with his grand piano play. Thomas Markusson on bass and Sebastian Merk on drums do the rest, building a solid base for Konitz and Lang’s midnight-jazz music. - Folkworld
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The Music Of Astor Piazzolla
AVAILABILITY: all year on request!

"...deeply impressive“ (Jazzeitung)
" outstanding record“ (Jazzpodium)
"unnecessary to mention that this group plays on the highest level“ (Rocktimes)

The music of the legendary argentinian composer and bandoneon player ASTOR PIAZZOLLA.
Passionate, poetic, touching, timeless.
Deeply felt and interpretated by the virtuos ensemble TANGOLOGIA.

TANGOLOGIA play the music of the legendary argentinian tango composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla.
Instead of the bandoneon, the beautiful sound of Fabian Pablo Mueller on the saxophone brings a new and exciting color into this wonderful music.
Join TANGOLOGIA on an adventurous journey to the musical world of Astor Piazzolla !
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AVAILABILITY: All year on request

"Four musicians with the audacity to cross the borders between musical genres. A quartet that dares to bridge the gap between baroque music and jazz and is dedicated to the concept of "crossover", that seduces with Johann Sebastian Bach and bewitches with the magic of jazz, offering the public its extravagant programs with the highest passion.
This crossover ensemble brings together classical jazz musicians, jazz-playing classic players and classical musicians."
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more information to all artists:

email:  phone: **49-(0)8374-586 606



Angelika Merkle

Mühlbachweg 12
D-87463 Überbach (Germany)
tel. +49 (0)8374 586606
fax +49 (0)8374 586605


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