Estonia 100 has taken Estonian Jazz all-over Europe

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia, jazz concerts organised by the Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar have taken place in Belgium, England, Finland, and Germany. There have been over 10,000 concert visitors from all over Europe at more than 40 concerts. Personal contact has been made with a lot of them due to the interactive booths Estonians put up at all festivals and concerts. 

In addition, the LoLa project, which started last autumn at the gathering of the European Foreign Ministers Assembly has been continuing this summer in Baku, Azerbaijan and will have the third part coming up in autumn on the 1st of October. LoLa program is a unique technology, which has such low latency due to what it is possible to play live music using the program. For example the concert, which took place in Tallinn last year was held like this that three musicians played ''My Funny Valentine'' in Tallinn and two other musicians played with them from Minsk, Belarus. 

Besides exporting Estonian jazz a lot of big collaboration events have taken place within Estonia to enliven the communication between local musicians. The biggest one is going to take place in the end of this year. On November 28, nine ensembles of Estonian musicians will bring nine unique compositions on stage to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. It is a nine-part composition by Estonian jazz composers, where every part symbolises one important event or person in the history of Estonia. Together with our best jazz musicians, the performance will also feature folk, rock, electronica and other genre musicians, together a 100 of them. 

FinEst Jazz Rally - a new collaboration between Estonia and Finland

Since ancient times Estonians and Finns have been competing with each other. Who is better? We want to find it out! Estonian Jazz Union and the Finnish Jazz Federation start a bloodcurdling tradition by giving life to a Rally to find out who is in charge of Jazzland. Twice a year there will be held a competition for young jazz players, who have to play standards from the Estonian Jazz Real Book and the Finnish Jazz Real Book. Winners get to perform at Tampere Jazz Festival and at Student's Jazz Festival Tuja in Tallinn.