Festival Détours de Babel 2014

"Music & Nature"

..25 march to 12 april 2014..in Grenoble

Long imitation or exaltation of nature , music has now become a commodity of our daily sonic environment .

This 4th edition of Detour Babel invites us to discover how musical art appropriates nature, acoustic ecology and environmental issues to reveal unpublished aspect, new sounds , questions , not only technical and scientific but artistic and sensitive , in the report of man to his environment.

These " musicians of the Earth" are featured in this edition , with no less than 21 new creations , from over 80 appointments in the rooms, but also in public spaces , museums and heritage sites , gardens, parks and natural areas ...

Each project brings a perspective and unique listening on the connection that music with the representation of nature - the cosmos to earth, biological geological , plant to animal - and human to its environment .
For this edition , the music associated with the literature, philosophy , astronomy, comics , technology, botany, etc. . It also echoes the myths and traditions of indigenous cultures and their intimate connection to nature.

More informations on www.detoursdebabel.fr