FILOQ - JazzCrash

JAZZ CRASH is the brand new album by FILOQ, dj, musician and producer. His love of jazz stems from his infancy, growing up as the son of a jazz aficionado. His first foray into jazz music was an instinctive blend of electronic music and acoustic instruments playing in jam sessions in small clubs. This visceral approach to jazz sampling led to a first draft of JAZZ CRASH.

The creative impetus that gives the thickness and consistency to JAZZ CRASH coincides with the meeting with Pisti of Motels Connection, that gives a Filoq a huge amount of material recorded during the two years of the project "Fringe In The Box" inside the Torino Jazz Festival: a temporary studio in the centre of the city that has welcomed digressions and sounds off of the many guest musicians of the festival.

“JAZZ CRASH” combines fragments and ideas from jazz musicians from four corners of the globe, the digital and analog all coexisting as one work. The atmosphere is reminiscent of breakbeat UK to the beat scenes of Los Angeles with echoes of dancefloor and an Italian flavour. An album born out of car journeys, hotel rooms, a pinch of the countryside with a little bit of each course, the artist himself. city and, of course, the artist himself.

Filoq - Jazz Crash
Artwork by Giovanni Quaglia

In October 2016, FILOQ, the moniker of dj/producer, Filippo Quaglia, will release his new album, “JazzCrash" on his label 100000BPM. The album mixes the vintage and contemporary using samples old and new ranging from drums and vocal-lines to hiss and wind instruments. FILOQ spent the last two years collecting samples from Fringe in the Box, a recording studio part of the Torino Jazz Festival. "JazzCrash" is a collection made from dismantling this and re-arranging into a new work.In addition to this, FILOQ is working on a digital cumbia record, a soundtrack to a street-art opera, a project on football supporters, a performance in Tanzania with an African choir and more. In his past, he played in underground bands before discovering the art of sampling; borrowing and breathing new life into sounds from all over the world. He now uses these techniques to mix and sequence the jazz and latin music featured on“JazzCrash”

The liveset is a laptop set where the producer mix togheter his songs, samples from all over the world and famous jazz songs remiexd.


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