Michael Riessler on tour 2016

on tour 2016:

Michael Riessler (bcl, cl, comp.)

Dear promoter,
he is regarded as Germany's leading border crosser between actual jazz and  contempoary music: clarinetplayer and composer Michael Riessler. 
Also in 2016 Riessler can be booked for concerts and festivals.
Actually Riessler has the following projects:

  solo (new solo-CD appearing in september)
 - dates on demand -

Duo Riessler -Matinier 
(Michael Riessler, bcl - Jean-Louis Matinier, acc.) 
- on tour febr./ march 2016;  other dates on demand -

Duo Riessler - Charial
(Michael Riessler, bcl - Pierre Charial, barrel organ)
- on tour april/ may 2016 ; other dates on demand -

Trio Riessler - Levy - Matinier
(Michael Riessler, bcl - Jean-Louis Matinier (acc.) - Howard Levy (piano, harmonica)
on tour oct. / nov. 2015 and may 2016 

Quartett BIG CIRCLE 
(Riessler, bcl - Pierre Charial, barrel organ - Robbie Ameen, dr - Manuel Orza, b)
- dates on demand-

also always possible:

(Mas)Sacre du Printemps
(Michael Riessler, bcl - Stefan Litwin, p - Pierre Charial, barrel-organ)

Riessler, bcl + Enrico Melozzi, cello + Vocal-ensemble SINGER PUR

Paris Mécanique 
Riessler, bcl - Pierre Charial, barrel-organ - Sabine Meyer (cl) & Trio Di Clarone

BIG CIRCLE (Tentett)
Riessler, bcl - Pierre Charial, barrel-organ - Robbie Ameen, dr - Manuel Orza, b 
+ Brass-sextett of Munich Music Academy

SIRENS - Voices from the Past
Riessler, bcl + choir + recording tape

Silent Movie + Live-Musc
Silet Movie, 1923, with Asta Nielsen as Hamlet.
 Live-Music by Michael Riessler + Duo Lisma

More informations / booking contact

Kulturbüro Dr. Raimund Kast
Bahnhofstr. 79
D-89231 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 (0)731 - 610750 
Mobil: +49(0)171-688 4094

Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 09:28

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