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In order to celebrate the 75th birthday of Frank Zappa, MAXIMUM Booking offers you, in cooperation with WiV EntertainmentNAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK and THE PEACH NOISE EXPERIENCE for performances in Europe in December 2015!







Finally, now on Tour: Napoleon Murphy Brock:



On August 8th, 1973, Frank Zappa was alerted by his road manager, Marty Perellis, that an incredible band with an extraordinary lead singer was performing downtown to a standing room only audience … and that it might be wise that he come and see this for himself. When Zappa went to the club and watched the show, he saw a young talent sing, dance, play sax, flute and keyboards, in a manner that clearly made it appear that he was

having more fun than even the other patrons in the club.


After two hours of observing and listening to this young man and his very disciplined band of musicians, he introduced himself as Frank Zappa, and the young man introduced himself as Napoleon Murphy Brock. The next words out of Zappa’s mouth were, “You are my new lead vocalist.”


This singer and saxophone player is still closely connected with the music of Frank Zappa, because of the incredible diverse compositions that Zappa composed to accommodate the wide range of vocal talents and stage presence that Napoleon Murphy Brock possesses. He is the only member of last version of The Mothers Of Invention, that Zappa composed and collaborated with on 4 different original compositions:

"DUMMY UP", "THE BOOGER MAN", "THE ROOM SERVICE RAP", and "IT'S ALL RIGHT" - the last funky blues song on ROXY AND ELSEWHERE. He will be performing the more difficult music written by Zappa from the 70's, and other fan favorites from the entire Zappa catalog


In the first decade of the new century, he played shows on the first Zappa Plays Zappa tour with Dweezil Zappa, which also featured Steve Vai on guitar and Terry Bozzio on massive drums.


In 2009 Napoleon and Steve Vai each won a Grammy for their performance of the song "Peaches en Regalia", which originally appeared in 1969 on Zappa’s Album “Hot Rats”.


During the last years, he has toured with the Grandmothers Of Invention, and has performed and toured with many highly acclaimed Zappa tribute bands. He was also hand-picked to be the lead vocalist, Front Man and dance choreographer for the George Duke Funk/Jazz Ensemble - which included world-acclaimed Latin percussionist Sheila E -touring and recording on eight successful albums and CDs.


Napoleon is on his own now, and will be touring, performing, and highlighting the brilliance of the music by Frank Zappa of the 70's, for which he was directly involved in its construction and live theater presentation. Or as he says it: Total Music Theatre.


A tribute to Napoleon's contribution to the world of Zappa music, has been highlighted by the fact that the last four releases, from The Zappa Family Trust, focuses on more of his involvement, that had never been released before to the Zappa fans:


FZ/OZ, JOE'S CAMOUFLAGE - a tour rehearsal CD that also features Napoleon on keyboards and alto sax - as well as the video re-release, now in digital format, of A TOKEN OF MY EXTREME, and most recently, ROXY BY PROXY.


He will be joined by, and will be introducing to the Zappa fans of the world, the high energy Zappa Tribute band from France, THE PEACH NOISE EXPERIENCE, whom Napoleon has chosen, because they understand Napoleon's approach to performing the music. "It's all about Theater, it's all about the fans, it's all about THE SHOW".


In Napoleon's opinion, what you will see, hear, and feel in the upcoming tours and shows, is about the closest that you are going to get to the magical energy of the 70's version of The Mothers Of Invention, whose lineup was: Frank Zappa, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, and Napoleon Murphy Brock. THAT'S RIGHT, HE'S BACK!!! The Voice of the Music of Frank Zappa, "THE SHOW"!  Napoleon Murphy Brock introducing Peach Noise  With Frank Zappa in 1974  With George Duke in 1979


If you are interested in inviting NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK and THE PEACH NOISE EXPERIENCE to your venue or festival, please respond with a short description of the festival including the date(s) and location of your venue or festival.


If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me per phone, fax, or e-mail.  I look forward to your offer!


Best regards,
Jeff Aug, MAXIMUM Booking


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