Richard Bona on tour 2016!

Richard Bona

Richard Bona Group short tour run in February 2016 !

Feb 21 - Kosice, Slovakia
Feb 22 - available
Feb 23 - available
Feb 24 - Torun, Poland
Feb 25 - available
Feb 26 - available
Feb 27 - Tournai, Belgium

RICHARD BONA ON TOUR 2016 !" of the world's best bassist..."

Available period:
. June - July - August 2016 "Mandekan Cubano" & also "Richard Bona Group"
. October - November - December 2016 "Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano

Line up:

Booking: Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Middle East
Booking inquires:

NEW RELEASE:  Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano out March 2016 !

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"...Intricate flights of solo brilliance…Spellbinding...." ~ The AGE

"...Richard Bona is running his smile, his tranquility, and his musical elegance all over the world. ...” ~ L’EXPRESS

"...Imagine an artist with Jaco Pastorious’s virtuosity, George Benson’s vocal fluidity, Joao Gilberto’s sense of song and harmony, all mixed up with African culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Richard Bona!...” ~ Los Angeles Times

"...Richard Bona one of the world best bassist, and an absolute master with a distinctive and unique style, a mix of Jazz, Afro-beat, Bossa Nova, Pop music and Funk..." ~ mark bass

Fans call him "The African Sting," critics call him a pro, but it’s his unique and electrifying style of connecting with his audience that titles him what he really is — a true musician. Richard Bona's seemingly effortless voice, fierce skills on the bass, unique songwriting/arranging expertise and ability to learn just about any instrument simply from watching, position him as a rare African artist to have established an unscalable reputation on an international platform. find more:

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 12:09

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