Robin Katz and Giacomo Smith’s CLUB ROYALE

Robin Katz and Giacomo Smith’s CLUB ROYALE
Giacomo Smith’s swinging quintet of 2 guitars, clarinet, trumpet and bass.
Also featuring the best young musicians on the London straight-ahead jazz scene. Pedro Segundo is the house drummer at Ronnie Scott’s and fills in the rest of his time playing timpani with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Jay Phelps hosts a regular slot at Ronnie Scott’s on Thursday nights and frequently performs at Kings Place. Mark Lewandowski has hosted many late shows at Ronnie’s and is one of the first-call jazz bass players on the London scene.
Was it fate’s cruel joke to music lovers that two of the greatest Jazz musicians, Django Reinhardt and Sidney Bechet, lived and played in Paris at the same time and yet never recorded together!
What, one might ask, might it have been like…? We shall never know. However, it is precisely the dream of Bechet and Django jamming together in the Paris of the immediate post war period that has inspired the musical styling of Club Royale.
The ‘bark’ of electric Django meeting the ‘roar’ of Bechet’s horn is a hip combination as this groups ‘chamber music swing’ demonstrates with tremendous virtuosity. Featuring the talents of Giacomo Smith (clarinet, soprano sax) and Robin Katz (guitar) and inviting some very special guests, Club Royale will swing it and bring it.   
All tickets at doors open at 6 food until 10    
All seating allocated on arrival £13 on the door