Rumor 79, Utrecht NL, February 7th, 2015

Rumor Festival

Rumor 79          Utrecht          Saturday 7 February 2015                             TICKETS
Start: 20:50   TivoliVredenburg

Admission: €16,-  /  €13,- (U-pass, student, CJP)

Rumor 79

20:50  Asko|Schönberg: Beat Furrer – FaMa – TivoliVredenburg (Main Hall)
In FaMa Beat Furrer discards all existing rules of opera, theatre and ensemble music. There is a protagonist, though, a young woman, who breaks free by asking: ‘Am I really so beautiful? Is that me there who speaks?’ It’s the start of a hallucinatory performance. Furrer gives us a hint: ‘Each note contains drama and every musical movement has the power to tell a story.’ The title refers to Fama, the home of the goddess Fama, according to the Roman poet Ovid. And according to Furrer: ‘A place to which all the events and sounds of the world come and find resonance. This space has an overwhelming sensuality.’
Asko|Schönberg conducted by Christian Karlsen

22:15  Bouge – RASA
Bassist Luc Ex’ latest project is called Bouge. This trio, with two fantastic improvisers: trombonist Johannes Bauer from Berlin and French vocalist Isabelle Duthoit, also playing the clarinet, make us witness music taking shape on stage. They demonstrate the urgency of innovative music by improvising with elements from jazz, classical music and punk. The classically trained singer Isabelle Duthoit has developed a remarkable style inspired by Japanese traditional singing. It’s intense chamber music: wild and extreme.
Isabelle Duthoit - clarinet, voice ; Johannes Bauer – trombone; Luc Ex – bass guitar

23:15  Bakker, Goudsmit & Jäger – RASA
Never enough. Music. Life. Energy. Fun. Notes. Idiocy. Effort. Heart. Leaps. Imperfection. Magic. Music. Some tunes pop up out of the blue. Some melodies vanish into thin air. Some clues are unseen, some hints ignored. Sometimes everything clicks together like clockwork. These three are skilled masters of improvised music. They fight each other to the bone, they support each other to the top. One moment high-flying power grooves can get shot, to start a new life crawling in the mud. Taken roads cross, intertwine or run dead as the moment requires. In the meantime they mock, entertain, surprise, frighten and move.
Anton Goudsmit – guitar; Arno Bakker – sousaphone; Gerri Jäger – drums
Information and tickets: / 030-2382080 /

With special thanks to: RASA, Tivoli/Vredenburg, Gaudeamus, City of Utrecht, Norma Fonds, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds, SNS Reaal Fonds

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