The Snowdrops and Primroses Festival

TUE, 7 March 2017
3rd One-day Festival of Slovenian Jazz Creativity
How the Provinces Co-shape the Slovenian Jazz Landscape in Relation to Ljubljana and Maribor
Round table chaired by: Miha Zadnikar
M3–4 Hall

Alchemical Playgrounds
Marko Lasič, drums, percussion; Matjaž Bajc, double bass; Mimo Cogliandro, saxophones, bass clarinet; Flavio Brumat, saxophones, flute
Kristijan Krajnčan: DrummingCellist
Kristijan Krajnčan, cello, drums

Rodrigo Amado Quartet feat. Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler & Chris Corsano (special guests)
Rodrigo Amado, tenor saxophone; Joe McPhee, alto saxophone, pocket trumpet; Kent Kessler, bass; Chris Corsano, drums

Tine Grgurevič aka Bowrain, piano, keyboards; Mario Babojelić, guitar; Robert Nitschke, drums

Teo Collori in Momento Cigano
Teo Collori, Metod Banko, guitar; Matija Krečič, violin; Matej Kužel, clarinet; Jan Gregorka, bass

Aimed at promoting and fostering the diversity of young jazz in Slovenia, the festival’s third edition features new national and international projects and releases. The programme includes an appearance by a jazz ensemble from abroad and a round-table discussion focusing on Slovenian jazz.

Marko Lasič, bandleader of Alchemical Playgrounds, is one of the most prominent young Slovenian improvisers with a résumé listing a variety of contexts and artists, including Zlatko Kaučič and the Trus trio. The band, which thrives on an interactive agility of the members, an open-ended crew also involved in Orkester brez meja/Orchestra senza confini, will play their latest compositions. “Free improvisation combined with playful experimental approach to creation is at the heart of this project. Aiming to summon up compelling stories, in their versatile laboratory the musicians engage in potent alchemic processes (the Arabic word al-khimia means the art of transmutation), co-creating a musical narrative open to interpretation and inviting intense involvement from the listeners.” (Dušan Mijanović, Odzven)
Drummer, cellist and composer Kristijan Krajnčan, one of Slovenia’s most prolific and incisive young artists who has built up an enviable international reputation, is presenting his new solo project and promoting his latest release, DrummingCellist. Distilling contemporary jazz, classical, film music and other genres into complete sounding storytelling, DrummingCellist presents an exciting, fresh, daring, colourful and out of the ordinary approach. This is music that moves fiercely and gracefully across borders, beyond average, beyond the usual, beyond standard confinements, exploring possibilities of two paramount instruments with a pure and complete artistic vision of sonic discovery.
The evening with Bowrain a.k.a. pianist Tine Grgurevič, who is blazing new trails on Slovenian jazz scene and has made an international name for himself, will feature compositions from the upcoming album.
“BOWRAIN a.k.a. Tine Grgurevič makes electronic music from a genre-less perspective, touching upon traditions of modern classical and jazz, without ever really settling in any sound. Writing for dance pieces and playing jazz piano along to loops of pop-Marxist legend Slavoj Žižek philosophising on ideology, BOWRAIN isn’t afraid to experiment.” Subbacultcha, Amsterdam

Teo Collori in Momento Cigano play an exquisite cocktail of gypsy swing and dance-floor music. In this project the retro style is vibrantly re-imagined, enhanced by fresh original compositions evoking the vintage mood of salons, cigars, Charleston and patent-leather shoes. Momento Cigano are all academy-trained musicians famed also for being the backup band for Slovenian pop king Magnifico. In 2015, their first record, Hot Club Piran, was Album of the Year on the Muzikobala music portal, and in 2016 the band broke into the fastidious US market, releasing an album on the illustrious Lowtemp label.

The Snowdrops and Primroses Festival proudly presents Rodrigo Amado, the captivating Portuguese tenor saxophonist, and his quartet with whom he recorded This Is Our Language (Not Two), a natural extension of the similarly titled This Is Our Music and In All Languages by Ornette Coleman. Nevertheless, the legendary Coleman is just an inspiration, Amado’s group, a collective of all-star individualists with living legend Joe McPhee forming the core, share dynamic chemistry and are fully equipped to convey their message. One of the finest quartets in free jazz today delivering fascinating solos and fluent collective interaction.
CD Club, 14, 9* €
* younger than 25 and 6+ and pensioners
In cooperation with the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana
Monday, February 27, 2017 - 19:48

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