Thu 31.1.2013: Doug Hammond's New Jazz Quartet

Felix Rossy cannot play the tour. On his place plays Maria Grand: tenor sax

The un-conventional drummer with his expressive style and endlessly broad horizon presents his new quartet.

This musician, composer and book-author, who lives in Austria, breaks the conventions of schemes, tact and harmony-changes equally well as he also dominates them. Sovereign and in quiet concentration, he acts as a link between wind instruments and bass, to provide open space and guidelines. He creates a dense, crackling tension on the grounds of outstanding individual expertise with his companions, who come from France, Spain and the USA.


Opening hours: 20.00 h until 23.30 h approx.

Live music 20.30 until appprox. 22.45 h

Single entry fee CHF 14.- / CHF 8.- (plus 5.- consumption voucher)

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 15:41

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