Too Noisy Fish / Actuum

Apart from their work with Flat Earth Society, Peter Vandenberghe, Kristof Roseeuw and Teun Verbruggen have a side project called Too Noisy Fish. Music website Kwadratuur thought their album was “Rebellious, boisterous, bold, and poetic. Fast Easy Stick by Too Noisy Fish is one the most exciting albums of the year. Their rebellious brand of jazz always sounds fresh and spontaneous and seems to be played by an entire battalion of musicians. Fast Easy Slick’s never-ending supply of ideas, rich vocabulary and hyperactive style make it into a diamond in the rough that will keep surprising the listener.”
Young French jazz quartet Actuum is taking the European jazz scene by storm. In 2010, they won the European Keep an Eye Jazz Award for best band and best composition. Actuum breaks all the rules and creates chaos. Their songs are daring and energetic yet always elegant, and form the ideal soundtrack to these uncertain times. Charles Mingus and George Russell would be proud.

Peter Vandenberghe
Kristof Roseeuw
Teun Verbruggen
Louis Laurain
Benjamin Dousteyssier
Ronan Courty
Julien Loutelier
Too Noisy Fish

Peter Vandenberghe (piano), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass) & Teun Verbruggen (drums) / Louis Laurain (trumpet), Benjamin Dousteyssier (sax), Ronan Courty (bass) & Julien Loutelier (drums) / in association with Jazzlab Series

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 18:04

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