Tour offers 2017


Tour offers 2017

The KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION is creating sensory, soulful modern music with elements of funk, R&B, jazz, hip-hop and pop judiciously applied.

New album called "Kennedy Administration" will be distributed by Moosicus, Germany

Line up: Kennedy vocals, Ondrej Pivec (G.Porter) kerbs, Jordan Peters guitar, Shelton Grey bass, Nathaniel Townsley drums

01. "Nothing Else Will Do"
02. "It's Over Now"

Availabilities: late summer plus fall 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia
* * * * *

"The Author of Soul and Sound of Stax" 
"Hall of Fame",  The “Original“ Blues Brothers Band - Original member.

The Top 10 Session Guitarists of All Time.

Legendary guitarist, A & R Man, engineer, producer, songwriting partner of Otis Redding, Eddie Floyd and a dozen others plus founding members of both Booker T & the MG's and Mar-Keys.

Cropper was literally involved in virtually every record issued by Stax beta 1961-1970. Co-writer of "Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay", "Knock On Wood" and "In The Midnight Hour"...

Lineup: Steve Cropper guitar, Lee Finkelstein drums, Rusty Cloud B3, James Taggerty bass

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Availabilities: March - October 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia
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NIK WEST producing a new single and video called "Bottom Of The Bottle" (tbc) released late Spring and full release distributed by Moosicus, Germany.

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Tour Period 2017: Asia from 19-29 March anchor date 1st Apr Singapore; Europe from 3-18 March

Line up: Nik West bass and vocal, Hubie Wang guitar, RJ Norwood drums, Clifton Williams keys, Amber Sauer backing vocal

Availabilities: Summer - Fall 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe & Asia
* * * * *

REIJSEGER-FRAANJE-SYLLA bringing together inventive combinations of unusual instruments, and blending different music influences into a singular sound.

The trio has created a magical album of sublime beauty…5* album !!

Line up: Ernst Reiseger cello, Harmen Franke piano, Mola Sylla vocals, M’bira, Xalam

Availabilities: Spring-Summer 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe except Italy.

* * * * *

"The Honeydripper is back!" "Rob Paparozzi and Friends" will debut in Europe this Summer in July at The Loretta Soul Festival 2017 in Italy.

Lineup: Rob Paparozzi vocal/harmonica, LaRhonda Steele vocal, Louis Pain hammond organ, Paul Olguin bass, Anthony Paule guitar, Paul Revell drums

Anchor dates around Porretta Festival (20-23 July, 2017)

Great act for all Blues Clubs and Festivals !

Rob Paparozzi belongs to the best Harmonica player around the globe- famous as lead singer from Blood Sweat & Tears - and as present singer of The “Original“ Blues Brothers Band. RP has worked with greats such as B.Springsteen, W.Houston, B.B.King a.m.o.

Listen: 01. "A Little Soul Food"
Rob's Solo CD 'Etruscan Soul' was Grammy nominated in the USA
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Availabilities: April-May-June-July-August 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia

* * * * *

CARMEN SOUZA TRIO ft Theo Pascal new release "Creology" beginning 2017 - Joyful celebration of the Creole people and its sounds…

Trailer: "Creology"
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Line up: Carmen Souza guitar vocal, Theo Pascal bass, Elias Kacomanolis drums

Availabilities: February-March-April, summer '17
Exclusive booking: East Europe, Switzerland, Austria, Asia

* * * * *

THE SYNDICATE (ex Zawinul Syndicate) „File Under Zawinul"
New release and directed by Emile Parisien and Vincent Peirani

Lineup: Emile Parisien sax; Vincent Peirani accordion, Paco Sery drums, Linley Marthe bass, Mino Cinelu percussion, Aziz Samahoui percussions/vocals, Munir Hossn guitar, Tony Peleman Fender Rhodes

10 years Anniversary Tour !
Availabilities: Summer- Fall 2017
Booking: in cooperation with Anteprima Production, FR
* * * * *

THE “ORIGINAL“ BLUES BROTHERS BAND feat. Steve Cropper & Lou Marini

New release will be available… late Spring 2017. The Album title "The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black"

"…The Mission Continues…"

Anchor dates: 21-28 March (25 DE-Burghausen), 21+22 April RU- St.Petersburg, Moscow -  avails 18-30 Apr 2017

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Availabilities in general: 7 March - 22 June and 13 - ca 30 Aug (July inquiries tba)
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia
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"Classic American Blues & Soul"

New release "Prima Time" with Laura Mayo distributed by Inglehood Records, Nashville

"…The Irish tenor gone to sin…" (D.Aykroyd),
"If auto-tuned,plastic-surgeries singers, and computerized music tracks ain’t your cup of meat, hop on board with "Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5“ (the

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Availabilities: March 2nd - June 5, June-July-August on request 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia
* * * * *

HUGH MASEKELA "The Man with the Horn" on tour with his amazing band…

“A musician of phenomenal grace and power…. Hugh Masekela creates an instant party, leading from vocals and flugelhorn like a South African Louis Armstrong.” - Guardian.

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Availabilities: end May- beg June, July - November
Booking: East Europe, Asia, in cooperation with Griot,DE

* * * * *

TRILOK GURTU the master percussion-drummer and his band still touring around - latest release "Spellbound"

"...a unique Indian percussion maestro..."
" of the greatest jazz and world music percussionists of all time. ..."

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Availabilities: March-December 2017
Booking: East Europe(in cooperation with Provo Culture, Italy)
* * * * *

JOJO MAYER & Local Big Band "Buddy Rich Tribute"

The Wizard of Drumming…continue the series of engagement with local Big Bands after successfully concerts in  Riga, Steinegg, Zürich, Klaipeda…

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Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia
Friday, November 11, 2016 - 10:50

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by Basitours on Thu, 22/12/2016 - 12:36
ROB PAPAROZZI and Friends "…if you love harp music and strong presence, you'll love Rob Paparozzi…" ~ R.Nest Rhythm & Blues ROB PAPARAZZI "The Honeydripper is back!" "Rob Paparozzi and Friends" will debut in Europe this Summer in July at The Loretta Soul Festival 2017 in Italy. Tour period : 10-31 July, 2017... read more

Last avails summer & fall 2016

by Basitours on Wed, 29/06/2016 - 10:00
NIK WEST "…The Female Lenny Krawitz…" ~ Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) "... Holy Funkadelic..." ~ Steven Tyler "...Great stage presence ... and visual brand..." ~ Prince Avails Fall 2016: October 10, 11 November 2, 3, 5-10 Booking: Worldwide except USA Booking inquires: read more

Tour offers 2016

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RICHARD BONA Avails: "Mandekan Cubano" April - August, 2016; with "Group" March - December,  2016 Booking: excl. Switzerland, Austria, Baltic States (LT, LV, EE), East Europe Booking inquires:   STEVE CROPPER "The Author of Soul and... read more

Richard Bona on tour 2016!

by Basitours on Fri, 20/11/2015 - 12:09
ATTENTION !! Richard Bona Group short tour run in February 2016 ! Feb 21 - Kosice, Slovakia Feb 22 - available Feb 23 - available Feb 24 - Torun, Poland Feb 25 - available Feb 26 - available Feb 27 - Tournai, Belgium   RICHARD BONA ON TOUR... read more

Richard Bona on tour in Europe December 2015

by Basitours on Fri, 05/06/2015 - 11:13
RICHARD BONA WILL RETURN IN EUROPE WITH NEW RELEASE 2015 Available dates / period 2015: 1-18 December, 2015 Line up: Richard Bona Trio Richard Bona Group Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano Richard Bona "Flamenco Project" Booking: Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia... read more

Tours offers 2015

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  CARMEN SOUZA ..."one of the greatest jazz vocalist of out time"... ~ WMC, USA Carmen Souza is going to release new album "EPISTOLA" out 2015. On tour in various period:  Feb-Mar 2015 April - May 2015 June - July - August 2015 Booking territories: Switzerland, Austria,... read more

Artist Roster 2014

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  LineUp: Joey Calderazzo - piano, Donald Edwards - drums, Orlando Le Fleming - bass... read more

Artist On Tour 2013/2014

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  ** ON TOUR 2013 - 2014 ** Carmen Souza "Kachupada" Jojo Mayer & Local Big Band "25 Years Anniversary Buddy Rich" Lenny White "Present Tense" Live Japan 1997 Pedro Javier Gonzalez "Transversal" The Syndicate (former J.Zawinul Syndicate) Ernie Watts Quartet... read more

Basitours: tour offers 2012/2013

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  tour offers 2012/2013 ERNIE WATTS QUARTET Lineup: Ernie Watts - sax, C.Sänger - piano, R.Engel - bass, H.Köbberling - drums Two-Times Grammy Award Winner, Consistent Touring .... Latest releases \"Oasis\" by Laika Rec, Germany Tour scheduled: 21... read more