Six talented young bands are ready to dazzle the audience when Young Nordic Jazz Comets takes place in Trondheim, Norway, 12 September 2013

Young Nordic Jazz Comets (YNJC) started in 2000 and has since been a recurring event on the Nordic jazz scene. The main purpose is to create attention to new jazz talents, giving them the opportunity to meet their future audience and to play at professional venues.

The idea has been to create a club night event for young aspiring jazz talents at one of the key jazz venues in one of the Nordic countries each year. The goal will be to attract as much attention as possible from key people within the jazz community in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world, be it jazz clubs, festivals and the music press. In other words, this event has networking and promotion as its main purpose.

The growth of new talents is continuing to expand in all the Nordic countries, and new band combinations are often made across national borders.

The six Nordic bandscountries will be joining the YNJC event in Trondheim are:
Casey Moir Band (Sweden), Bárður Reinert Poulsen Quartet (Faroe Islands), Kadi Quartet (Finland), Skarkali Trio (Iceland), Pixel (Norway), Crunch House (Denmark)

The importance of such a venture is based on the fact that it is extremely hard as an aspiring artist in an un-commercial business to get the chance to show your talent, no matter how great it is. It is increasingly hard for the young musician to get gigs when even established names are queuing up to get a chance to play.
The 2013 Young Nordic Jazz Comets showcases, will take place at venue Dokkhuset in Trondheim, Norway, 12 September during the opening night of the European Jazz Networks annual General Assembly witch is also is taking place in Trondheim, Norway, statring 13. September

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 17:27

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