Ara's Circle

ARA'S CIRCLE FUNKYFIES AFRO CARIBEAN BEATS AND JAZZ a land far, far away, a bird called Ara do Brasil was dreaming about a circle of musicians, that would accompany him on the path through tropical, funky and jazzy music. The music had to be challenging and danceable.
Finally,...after thousands of miles in a far country just beyond the ocean his dream were about to come true. Ara saw a small light in the distance. It was a cozy fire surrounded by a group of open-minded and warm-hearted musicians. 
Ara explained his dream and the musicians liked to join the path,
the path Ara calls ARA'S CIRCLE.

Maria Fernandez Alvarez: vocals
Tico Pierhagen: piano, Rhodes
Niels Onstenk: guitar
Dave Breidenbach: bass
Tuur Moens: drums
Florian Sperzel: trumpet
Steven Dietvorst: tenor sax
Arndt Beckmann: founder, composition, arrangement, percussion