3 new Europe Jazz Network members announced



We are very happy to announce that the Board of Directors in its last meeting in Cologne has accepted 3 new members inside Europe Jazz Network:

Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige - Italy
Ever since its nascent days the main focus of the association has been the promotion of jazz music, culminating each year in the production of Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige. We are motivated by the desire to support the creativity, imagination and ideas of emerging artists and provide an important contribution to their progress. Many of the artists we supported in the past have gone on to become famed names on the international jazz scene. Bringing artists together and creating new projects is high on the association's philosophy and list of priorities. Unique concerts often lay the foundation for long, solid bonds between musicians and collaborations which span the decades.

Jazz Cerkno Festival - Slovenia
The three-days festival takes place in May: three concerts per evening and a solo concert in a music school - altogether ten concerts. All concerts are exclusives for Slovenia. The Festival in enriched by various workshops, exhibitions, round-tables, street concerts... The main point of our festival is to bring together musicians from different countries, thus displaying a wide range of musical approaches and traditions. We prefer modern, creative music, the collision of cultures and music practices, confrontation of various approaches where jazz is often intertwined with other genres: rock, electronic music, modern and old classical music, experimental music, various traditions (ethnical) forms of music and much more.

Visioninmusica - Italy
Visioninmusica association was founded in 2004 and is composed of a Chairman, an Artistic Director, and an administrative board. Our mission is to promote and spread contemporary music. We organise and produce very high quality events embracing different kinds of music performances held throughout the winter season. We collaborate with several Italian and international jazz events. We host internationally renowned artists and new generations of musicians, with the objective of enhancing the best creative inspirations.

We are now 126 members in 35 countries! We are very happy our network continues to grow with prestigeous festivals and concert series around Europe.