Nine new members join Europe Jazz Network



We are really glad to announce that the Board of Directors has accepted nine new members inside EJN. They are:

Ancona Jazz / Associazione Spaziomusica - Italy

ANCONA JAZZ has been able to renew itself over time, arriving in 2004 at its first summer festival Ancona Jazz Summer Festival - AJSF: Initially at the Teatro delle Muse, from 2010 one of the main cultural events with the prestigious "Mole Vanvitelliana". With this new formula, Ancona Jazz maintains a programmatic line recognizable in Italy and abroad, faithful to African-American tradition and open to European contaminations and specifity, looking for interpreters able to bring evolutionary elements in language always striving to towards implementation of specific projects.

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival / Technopolis City of Athens - Greece

The Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival was founded in 2000 and has become the biggest Jazz Festival in Greece reaching its 18th season. It is produced and held in Technopolis City of Athens venue. Every year it hosts more then 25 artists and groups in a 7-days multi stage production.

EGEA live / Neuma srl - Italy

Our company is working on the jazz scene since years (label, distribution, publishing, etc) and in the last 8 years we have developed the live activity managing some jazz festivals in the south of Italy (2 festivals in Sorrento, wonderful location close to Naples and 1 in Sicily in the nice cities of Milazzo and Castroreale).

Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más Heineken - Spain

The Jazz Festival was born in 1992 on an island, Gran Canaria, in which the word jazz meant something for only the few that were in the know. And with it a world of musical and leisure possibilities opened up, at first on the island where it was created and later in the rest of the archipelago. Nowadays, the Festival is a musical reference both on a national level as well as international, and has altered the way to experience music and a live show forever.

Jazz i Parken / Semente Ekonomisk Förening - Sweden

Jazz i Parken festival is a summer free entrance touring event in different cities in Sweden. The main goal is to make jazz accessible to everyone and we dedicate a big part of our program to children/families with workshops and instrument try-outs. Besides the festival in the summer, we produce partnerships with international stages in other times of the year. The first edition of Jazz i Parken in 2015 had 2500 people, in 2016 and 2017 more than 4000 people in 4 cities in Sweden and exchange with Copenhagen and Iceland.

Jazzcampus Club - Switzerland

Supported by the Association Jazzcampus Club, the Jazzcampus Club is autonomous and responsible for organising and conducting all concert events in the Club and is in charge of managing the adjacent bar. The Club considers itself as s public "laboratory" presenting current developments in jazz and offering space and room for experiments. The weekly scheduled jam sessions have nurtured and developed a lively exchange amongst the international and Swiss jazz scene. In addition, a selection of concerts featuring national and international jazz musicians are held at the club.

Jazz in the Park / FAPTE Association - Romania

Jazz in the Park is our flagship festival. It started in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca and soon became probably the most important jazz festivals in Romania. The festival doesn't just promote music, but also has an active role in the community, promoting public space, helping segregated communities and promoting active community involvement.

Le Périscope / Reseau - France

Since 10 years, RESEAU association is handling Le Périscope. With between 100 and 130 concerts per year, mainly jazz and improvised music and more broadly creative musics. Le Périscope have nowadays a label as structurating scene of Lyon metropolis with a duty of dissemination as well as artists support with creation residencies as much for production organizations, artists collectives or independent producers.

San Sebastian Jazz Festival - Heineken Jazzaldia - Spain

It belongs to the Municipal Department for the Culture; we manage and programme three theatres and eleven cultural centres during the whole year. We run the oldest Jazz Festival in Spain: next July we will be organizing its 53'd edition. More than 150.000 attendants to a total of 120 concerts happening during five days.

We are now 133 members in 35 countries!

We are honoured by the trust received from all these organisations and that they recognise a value in beng part of a common European family for the promotion of jazz and creative music.