Artistic Vice

ARTISTIC VICE is a self employed entertainment company and has been set up by Marcel Haug.


Haug started professionally in 1992 and since then gained wide experience as programmer, booker in several music venues, producer and organizer of several music and comedy festivals. From 2000 – 2007  he was an employee at Men at Work TV Produkties as talent coördinator of tv-shows as The Comedy Factory and Raymann is Laat both hosted by Jörgen Raymann. Haug was priveliged to book and to work with over hunderd acts such as Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Keane, Joss Stone, Anouk, Snowpatrol and with comedians from Jimmy Carr to Russel Peters to Zach Galifianakis. Artistic Vice started in december 2007.


Since august 2011 we started an agency for a small roster of artists. We are very proud to have Alamo Race Track to be first on the roster.


Bookings for festivals Metropolis and Oerol. Producing the Comedy Arts Festial.


Our management department, with manager Niels Post, is delighted to work with two very talent Dutch acts called El Pino & The Volunteers.


The documentary Nighttown is produced by Artistic Vice and directed by Marcel Haug. The first viewing was December 10th 2009 at the Cinerama Theater in Rotterdam together with a not for sale DVD release. The documentary has also been part of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

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