CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...
with a summer in the park festival at the end of may and other programs at different locations like Contemporary Art Museum S.M.A.K. Ghent, Atelier, Gravensteen, St-Anna, El Negocito...

It has a strong bond with el NEGOCITO Records. Founded in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium, it is the offspring of the club with the same name. As collectif el NEGOCITO Records is a vehicle for musicians as Bart Maris, Peter Jacquemyn, Giovanni Barcella, Kris Wanders, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Erik Vermeulen, Manolo Cabras, Seppe Gebreurs, Peter Jacquemyn, Thijs Troch, Jan Daelman, Laurens Smet among others, and documents a part of the Belgian improvisation & jazz scene. eNR brings music lose of boundaries with a strong connection to improvisation and strives to give the artist complete creative freedom so that the music you hear will be as they want you to experience it.

Brabantdam 121
9000 Gent



Yearly Improvisation & Jazz Festival run by the el NEGOCITO Records crew in the most beautiful park of Ghent, with free admission.   wednesday 31.05 18:00-20:00  DE BEREN GIEREN              FULCO OTTERVAGER p, SIMON SEGERS dr, LIEVEN VAN PEE db... read more