Haus am Waldsee

Argentinische Allee 30,


Haus am Waldsee is a place for international art originating in Berlin. Since 1946 it has been among Germany‘s foremost exhibition spaces contemporary art in Germany. It renders visible creative forces in the visual arts, design, architecture and sound, which are truly innovative and of exceptional quality. In five exhibitions per year the house presents mostly international contemporary positions and canonical post-war artists. In an atmosphere of concentration, backgrounds and developments are communicated in a way that actively seeks to engage children and adolescents in particular.

The fact that Haus am Waldsee also provides, apart from the urban setting, an experience of nature makes it a place of contemplation. Its sheltered park on the lakeside houses sculptural works of artists, who have been redefining the received concept of the sculpture.

The exhibition space is also a meeting-place. Artist‘s talks, artist‘s dinners, guided tours and art workshops take place regularly, inviting a frank exchange with the protagonists. Concerts among the exhibits featuring international musicians based in Berlin round off the programme. Furthermore, Haus am Waldsee offers audio guides the modernist architecture of the immediate Zehlendorf neighbourhood where a plethora of extraordinary examples of the architecture surrounding Werkbund and Bauhaus await discovery.

Visitors to Haus am Waldsee and its sculpture park will be inspired on sensual, practical and intellectual levels to develop new perspectives. New things are generated all the time from the encounter of things alien to each other. At Haus am Waldsee – the “Louisiana of Berlin” – all generations are able experience this process of innovation at first hand.

Dr. Katja Blomberg, director