IASJ, International Association of Schools of Jazz

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the Hague

IASJ Service Bureau - general information

The IASJ Service Bureau is located in The Hague, The Netherlands in the building of the Royal Conservatory and functions as the switchboard of information for the members of the IASJ. The IASJ Service Bureau can be reached on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon: + 31 70 315 14 84. You can also send an e-mail by clicking on IASJ Service Bureau

The IASJ Service Bureau has several functions such as to administer the IASJ memberships, assist all IASJ activities, and handle the finances. It runs the IASJ Documentation Center as in which data is collected from every IASJ Member Schools. The IASJ Service Bureau also takes care of the production and mailing of the IASJ Newsletter and all other publications. The IASJ Service Bureau takes care of bookkeeping; collecting membership fee; financial administration; financial controlling; primary communication: answering e-mails, telephone and mails; membership communication; producing the IASJ Newsletter; producing the IASJ Membership List; updating the website; coordination the Fact Sheets and other questionnaires; project support: administrational and content support of projects such as The History of Jazz in Europe; general information, brochures membership packages membership lists; minutes of meeting IASJ.