Jazzagency and Festival

Folkskolegatan 7
We dedicate our days to the promotion of Swedish Jazz to the world.
Our team focus on the export of Swedish Jazz Artists, from stablished
Lina Nyberg Band to new groups as Water Boogie System or Susanna 
Risberg. During the lovely summer in Sweden we couldn´t resist to 
organize a free-entrance festival where all can enjoy the Jazz culture.
The Festival exists since 2015 and it has being growing from 1 city 
(Stockholm) to 3 cities in 2016 (Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg) and
this year we will spread our wings to 4 cities in Sweden and 2 other
nordic countries, where we will exchange artists in the month of July.
For more information about our company: www.silviafirma.se 
For detailed information about our festival: www.jazziparken.se

Kindest Regards,
Silvia Sardeira
Silvia S Kulturfirma
Festival Jazz i Parken