Le Cim

83 Bis r Doudeauville,

meeting point"of modern music, world culture and the latest technology...

the first and the largest school of jazz in europe.....

Created in 1976 the CIM rapidly became an internationnal reference in music teaching:

meeting place with instruction and information for professionals and amateurs of music.

Doorway to a world of music...

The international success of the CIM opened our doors to all kinds of music:integrating the vivacity and creativity of new musical tends.

Desiring the best possible preparation for the professional environment we also organise seminars with lawyers specialising in musical rights, disc producers, editors, and show directors.

and in the latest technologie...

as well as a solid traditional music formation, we offer our students the possibility to master the most recent creative tools including computer assisted music.

formation "à la carte" for all levels...

Our primary objective is the continued support, and largest possible diffusion of living music, especially jazz. We welcome 350 students, both professionals and amateurs, each years.