Musik Huset Aarhaus

Aros Allé 2a 8000

Welcome to the Concert Hall Aarhus- and our new English web site.

Throughout the year, the Concert Hall Aarhus presents some 1,500 performances, shows, concerts and plays, ranging from small children theatre productions to large scale international musicals and symphonic concerts and operas.

In our calendar you will find a description of everything that goes on in this great house. We will do our best to present most of the shows in English, but will sometimes cut a corner and simply state if a show is performed in Danish. Please, also note that the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra hold concerts almost every Thursday evening, but that the concert program regrettably is in Danish only.

In our calandar you will find both concerts for a paying audience as well as free concerts. Every week during the year, The Concert Hall Aarhus and The Royal Academy of Music host different free events ranging from theatre, and sing-a-long-sessions to free student concerts in all genres from classical to rock and world music.