Lungomare Marconi, 85
Lido Venezia

The Cultural Association Musikarte

was founded in 1998 by a group of people interested in various disciplines with the intent of "spreading culture and artistic education by organizing exhibitions and events connected to the visual arts and to entertainment". These last years under the direction of its president and co-founder Luigi Liani, these efforts have been focused mainly in the direction of jazz trying to create events that would spread the background of jazz to a greater audience. Starting from the show "Ritmo e blues" performed for high school students that was featured in "Jazz and writers" and continuing with "Jazz and expressive modes" in which visual and literary elements where added. Multimedia and jazz as a trade mark with the satisfaction of taking part with this project in the Jazz & Image Festival in Villa Celimontana in Rome in July 2001 and with the ambition to widen and enlarge these projects continuing to relate jazz and afro American music to various modes of expression.