Nacho Valenciaga

Self-taught musician, Nacho Valenciaga began musically playing the drums in several neighborhood youth groups, while learning the basic chords in a Spanish guitar that his parents had given him for Christmas. Going up for the first time to a stage with 14 years and after several local projects that did not obtain much repercussion, thanks to the band formed in the early '90s with his four co-workers in a famous musical instruments store in Madrid, a Contract with Polygram that would be the starting point for the rest of his career.

Having accompanied as freelance to other artists and already with a large artistic background, in 2012 Nacho embarks on the adventure of defending his own project, become a dream, getting thanks to his effort and unconditional support of his wife, publish his first album Sung: "Me gusta pasar la vida" [© MiviTuvi Records 2012]. To which chronologically they would follow: "La tarde con ella" [© MiviTuvi Records 2013]; "Pisar las hojas en otoño" [© MiviTuvi Records 2014]; "Banda sonora para un 4 de junio" [© MiviTuvi Records 2015]; "landESCAPES" [© MiviTuvi Records 2016] (which is an instrumental record dedicated to 10 abandoned places in Spanish geography, whose visit to each of them inspired their corresponding piece: ruined castles, forgotten monasteries, ghost towns ...); And finally: "Night trip" [© MiviTuvi Records 2017], the work we are currently working on.