Planet Arts

Planet Arts is a GRAMMY and ASCAP award winning not-for-profit 501(c) 3 company dedicated to working with artists and educators on the development, production and documentation of culturally diverse projects that explore the creative process.
The twofold aim of Planet Arts is to balance innovation with tradition by showcasing emerging as well as established artists in a variety of formats and to develop and implement music education programs that enhance critical thinking skills and creative decision making in all students regardless of their career ambitions and choices.   
The Planet Arts Network and Planet Arts Recordings serves as a resource to the arts community aiding in the research, development, production and administration of arts projects and related support materials and educational initiatives.  It is the aim of Planet Arts to explore and develop thought provoking projects that impact both artists and community as well as to serve as a catalyst in transforming the creative, business and administrative environment in which artists work.
P.O. Box 387
12414 Catskill , NY
United States